Silage Trailers

Ever increasing production costs at the same or lower price levels force modern farming operations to constantly review the costeffectiveness of each step in the harvesting process. The self-loading wagon – proven over decades of success – increases its significance still further.

Europrofi Silage Trailers

Great technology for tractors from 63 kW / 85 hp - Silage wagons are the future. The tried and tested EUROPROFI and FARO models constitute an important part of Pöttinger’s silage wagon range. These powerful wagons are suitable for internal mechanisation or inter-company deployment. Harvest, load or compact? There is no set pattern for deciding on the best harvesting process. The decision can only be made on an individual basis. Distances between field and farm, cropping areas, forage yields and available manpower are the most important decisive factors

Jumbo Combiline

JUMBO combiline – Dual functionality with this combined self loading wagon and high capacity harvest trailer. The result is maximum versatility and increased machine operating efficiency. In addition to its high level of operating efficiency, the Pöttinger JUMBO combiline is extremely cost-effective and once again affirms the significance of the self-loading wagon system in forage-harvesting systems. A complete product range with 15 different JUMBO and JUMBO combiline models, for tractors from 160 to 450 HP.

Jumbo Silage Trailers


Torro Silage Trailers